About us

Beijing Xinling Building Decoration Co., Ltd. ( Beijing Jia Ming Sheng Ye Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. ) founded in 2012, factory base in Tianjin, factory cover 15,000 sqm.
Meantime company invest 5+ professional factory ( ethcing, chemical, emboss, aluminum, copper ), establish long time strategic cooperation agreement.

XL focus on metal building materials in the field of building decoration, include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon steel, wire mesh, and other related products.
All products meet the national quality inspection standards, and we can provide third-party inspection services.
The advantage of the company's stainless steel titanium plated plate, titanium coating of high toughness, high strength, consistent color and lasting.
Titanium coating thickness 0.06um, 30 years of quality guarantee, not falling off, for the highest industry standard.

XL is the leading manufacture supply one-stop service, including from depeen drawings, production, assembly, installtion and after-sales service.
For the majority of customers to provide the whole process of worry and effort saving service.
The company has senior professional component engineers, sheet metal engineers, architects and other technical teams.
To provide process segmentation, special post to special service, to provide quality safety services for building installation. With high quality products, exquisite technology and excellent service, the company has been well received by customers at home and abroad.

XL has long participated in the cooperation of major landmark projects, star hotels, high-end apartments, luxury villas, 5A office buildings, airport subway and other projects.
We are looking forward to bring more excellent cases to the construction decoration market.

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