Repair method of stainless steel surface treatment scratch

2021-09-02 09:19

1. hairline repair work:

1.1 sheet:   surface finish be scratched by the external force scratch, and there is no convex mark on the back of sheet, only visual impact, then better use brush cloth to friction over and over again by along the hairline direction, to remove the burr, in the end use oil polish machine redo the hairline process, then the scratch can be repaire.

1.2 finished product: can not use oil polish hairline machine, but can use brush cloth to clean the burr, use hand-held flat grinding equipment do the manual brush work,   the specific effect depends on the operator's proficiency final effect.

2. PVD repair work:

2.1 sheet: surface finish be scratched by the external force scratch, cause the surface scratches and the stainless steel primary colour has been come out, then the coating layers need to be removed, use same hairline repaire work to repair hairline, then redo the PVD process.

2.2 finished product: same process but much more expensive, cost almost same as redo the whole product, so usually no need.

3. anti-finger print repair work:surface finish be scratched by the external force scratch, need to check the scratch depth, if only the surface finish layer have been scratched, better use small fine mesh brush cloth to clean the burr, then use transparent   nanometer paint redo the painting work,   the   specific   effect   depends   on   the   operator's proficiency final effect. If no experience better do not operate this work.

3.2 finished product: this repair is high cost, better redo the product, if the product is installed in the high area, must to repair, then need professional outdoor painting worker to repainting the area. The scratch area no need hairline repair, because rub area will be worse.