TOP 10 Benefits of Stainless Steel

2021-10-09 14:25

1. Corrosion Resistant – A great product for application such as waters, acids, oils and chlorines stainless offers a variety of alloys based to with stand the impact of these liquids. This makes this great for many chemical plants, manufacturing sites and municipal projects. The corrosion resistance ensures the products longevity lowering maintenance and replacement costs

2. Environmental Impact – We are all looking to shrink our environmental footprint and stainless is a great product for this. With over 95% of the world’s stainless coming from recycled product this ensures that the product is minimizing the impact on mother earth.

3. Hygienic surface – This product is easy to keep clean and many times is polished to a cotton ball surface (can be brushed with cotton and leaves no traces of residue). This makes the products great for food and beverage industry, hospitals and food preparation stations. Not only is it clean but let’s face it stainless just looks great in a kitchen.

4. Variety – Stainless works because so much has been developed for many specific applications. Austen tics, Duplexes, Ferritics and 6-Moly alloys allows engineers and designers to pick a material that easily fits their applications needs. Knowing the pressure, acidity, temperature and countless other factors and still be able to identify a material suited for the application is strength in this industry.

5. Strength – Thinner walls for the same strength means easier engineering and greater process flow. More product flow means higher profits and reduced wastes, significant bottom line drivers for any process. Utilizing new lean duplexes like LDX2101 can gain significant savings through thinner wall material.

6. Workability

As a producer of buttwelded fittings an important aspect to our manufacturing is the workability or ease of fabrication of the material. Stainless steel can be cut, formed, rolled, welded, calibrated and machined as easily as most traditional steels using either hot forming or cold forming techniques.

7. Temperature resistance – Extreme heat or extreme cold are issues that many processes face, whether it is weather related or process related, stainless are manufactured to meet high heat (high chrome and nickel grades) without scaling or loss of strength and low temperatures with austenitic 300 alloys.

8. Appearance – As stated earlier stainless looks great in a kitchen. It is also great on buildings, bridges and sculptures. The surfaces bright and modern look can be polished to a reflective surface or dull depending on the customer’s needs. An excellent and affordable way to provide a very modern appeal.

9. Availability – Stainless steel is one of the largest growing steels in the world and production capacity means that customers have relatively short wait times for their products. Whether purchasing from a mill, distributor or secondary manufacturer, a large scale project should not face delays due to materials when using stainless steel.

10. Longevity and Value – Whether you using return on investment on net present value, we all must calculate payback on any investment. Stainless steel longevity and low maintenance costs provide excellent value for your project and typically show increased life cycle of the build and reduced maintenance costs. These items factored in with increased product flow, reduced weight provide excellent return on capital.